Emergency Response Services

Environmental management services ranging from waste disposal and management to industrial cleaning to emergency response and remediation.


Environmental Safety Equipment & Supplies

Sales and rental of a wide range of environmental safety equipment and supplies.


Waste, Air & Soil Sampling and Analysis

Professional sampling and analysis services ranging from soil to air to waste. We specialize in the identification of unknowns.

Full Service Texas Environmental Services Company

Mantis Environmental Services is based in Dallas-Fort Worth and serves all of Texas and surrounding states. We are professionals that strive for continued excellence, and our senior management has over 40 years of experience. Will Gilpin, a principal, has been in the field since 1991 and has worked for multiple major corporations.

We offer environmental management services including hazardous waste disposal and management, emergency response, facility and equipment decontamination, water, waste, air and soil sampling and remediation, chemical and oil spill clean-up to all sectors of industry. Let us help you increase compliance and decrease costs.

We Carefully Note Your Expectations

With few exceptions every potential project is subject to a walk through with you the customer. During the walk through, your expectations are carefully recorded. Making sure that the scope is fully understood and agreed upon is the sure footing from which to launch a successful project. Safety concerns are brought to the table immediately to ensure they are covered satisfactorily by both parties. Regulatory concerns are addressed upfront and reiterated in the proposal to ensure compliance.

Our proposal offerings include an objective which clearly states the goals of the project. The scope of services provides a step by step iteration of the process involved in completing the project. This section also includes training and safety concerns for the project. Conditions and assumptions are included in the proposal to cover standard operating procedures, hour of operation, etc.

Prior to any project, Mantis Environmental Services will apply our experience to minimizing the waste streams expected to be generated. For the waste that is expected, recycling options will be explored and presented. Finally if disposal is required, the waste will be disposed of through the most economical and efficient means possible.


Safety is the number one concern and focus of every job. We understand that our safety record is a reflection on us, as well as you, the customer.

All of our employees are properly trained to meet, and in most cases exceed, regulatory and industry accepted training requirements. Training includes Hazwoper to cover the handling of hazardous waste at uncontrolled sites, as well as treatment, storage and disposal facilities (TSDFs). This training requirement is covered under 29CFR 1910.120. All employees also receive confined space training. Our training encompasses 8 hours of classroom training and 8 hours of actual hands on field training. Finally the employees receive RCRA and DOT training to ensure that they know the regulations and procedures for the proper packaging, storage, documentation and transportation of regulated materials.

Each project is carefully assessed and recorded on a safe work permitting system. The permit is reviewed with each member of the crew prior to the start of the project. The safe work permit covers physical hazards associated with the project. Physical hazards include but are not limited to chemical, electrical, mechanical, and meteorological. Chemical hazards and the risk associated with them are thoroughly covered by the safe work permitting system. This includes but is not limited to the following; flashpoints, routes of entry, reactivity data, symptoms of exposure, both acute and chronic, exposure levels and means of measurement in the atmosphere. The safe work permit also provides the exact levels of personal protective equipment (PPE) for each phase of the project.

In addition to the safe work permit there are additional permits required for projects involving a higher degree of hazard. When employees are required to enter a confined space, a confined space permit is also required. This permit is required for both permit required and non-permit required confined spaces. This is done to ensure the highest level of protection for the entrants. Many times we are at a site that is unfamiliar to the employees. Treating all spaces as permit requiring reduces the chances for mishaps due to that unfamiliarity. In some cases hot work is involved in the project. Hot work can be defined as any electrical equipment or internal combustion engine. In some cases it can simply be the potential for spark from metal on metal contact. These situations are carefully assessed and if there is a potential for flammable atmospheres and one or more of the preceding potential ignition sources have been identified, a hot work permit is required. The hot work permit will specify the potential flammable atmospheres and the method for measuring the levels during the project. The permit will also stipulate the procedures required during the project to lessen the chance of a flammable atmosphere being achieved. The final additional permit that may be required is for elevated work surfaces. In situations where the employee is over four (4) feet from the ground this permit must be employed. The permit will specify the type of tie off required and any other mitigating steps that are required to bring the elevated work surface into compliance.


All Mantis Environmental Services employees training meets or exceeds industry standards for every aspect of our work. Providing this training for other companies has afforded us the ability to keep the training current and organic. We update the training on a regular basis to stay in compliance with regulatory obligations as well as trending industry standards. Training includes 40 hour Hazwoper training in all cases and additional training as needed. Additional training may include, Confined Space, RCRA, DOT, Safeland, Safegulf, H2S, Benzene, Forklift, Aerial Lifts and Trackhoe/Backhoe training.

Environmental Management Systems

We can assist with establishing or improving on a waste management system for your facility. We have vast experience in creating collection systems within your facility that will assist with proper segregation and storage of different waste streams. Coupled with employee training, this system will ensure a minimization of off-site disposal and compliance with applicable federal, state and local regulations.

We can also take a look at current disposal methods and suggest more economical and sustainable solutions. In many cases, we can eliminate one or more waste streams through viable recycle options.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Dallas – Fort Worth & All of Texas and the U.S.

Mantis provides hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal on a turnkey basis. This service includes segregation, packaging, profiling, transportation and disposal.

Environmental Services

Mantis Environmental Services provides a wide array of environmental services to meet the need of our customers. These services are always performed safely, professionally and economically. We perform confined space entry and specifically tank cleaning for numerous entities throughout our service area. Additionally we perform decontamination of chemicals, metals and in some cases bird dropping accumulations. Emergency response is offered at a reduced rate to our existing customers but provided to all. We also provide soil and water remediation on a turnkey basis.

Water, Air, Soil & Waste Sampling & Analysis

We provide sampling and analysis services to industries. We provide soil sampling both surface and subsurface. Water sampling is provided for surface water, groundwater and waste water compliance. Air sampling for indoor air quality is also provided on an as needed basis. Mantis will come to your location and develop a sampling plan that best suits your needs. Sampling will then be conducted in a manner consistent with regulatory guidelines as well as industry standards. Analysis is conducted by accredited laboratories with accompanying QA/QC. Reports are forward in a timely manner with recommendations as appropriate.

We are the company to call for all of your hazardous waste disposal and management services in Dallas-Dallas-Fort Worth or anywhere in Texas or the United States. Call us today for immediate assistance!